Who We Are

We are storytellers. We use protagonists, antagonists, motivation, plot turn, back story, reveals, teasers, act curtains and cliff hangers to create worlds.

The medium is no longer the message. The medium has splintered into myriad platforms and limitless screens. The message must push through the clutter of everything , anytime, everywhere. Brand is narrative. Narrative is story. Story is compelling conflict. We understand.

Robert Lovenheim – Managing Director
Ric Krause – Creative Director

Robert Lovenheim – Managing Director

Robert Lovenheim is a writer and producer whose business career spans network television, motion pictures, cable, and foreign co-productions. From his start at Columbia Pictures (supervising new development and production for feature films) he moved to Columbia Television to head long-form development of series and miniseries. As an independent producer Robert has executive produced over 35 movies, miniseries and series pilots for CBS, NBC, ABC and HBO. His shows have won the Emmy, the Ace, the Image, the Humanitas, the Silver Halo, the Prix Italia, the Christopher and numerous other awards.

Ric Krause – Creative Director

Ric Krause has been, and is still, a writer who commutes to Los Angeles. His credits include Comeback (Fox 2000; 20th Century Fox/Jim Cameron film); Black Box (Warner Brothers; Mark Canton production); Forever Anna (Castle Rock; Warner Brothers production); Crime Star (USA Television Network); The Amazing De Carlo (Sci Fi Television Network); The Cure (Sci Fi Television Network; cable movie); The Ruins (Sci Fi Television Network; cable movie). Ric has also been a writer on video games, and has worked on The Matrix, Perfect Dark Zero, and The Ships, among other titles. Ric is a produced playwright as well, and his theatrical credits include Why Things Burn (Road Theater Company, Los Angeles), Calendar Girl (Life On The Water, San Francisco), and Dr. Jimmy’s Heartbreak Hour (Taper, Too, Los Angeles).